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PUBG Mobile: Here’s How Players can Win An iPhone 11 Pro & Airpods



PUBG Mobile: Here’s How Players can Win An iPhone 11 Pro & Airpods

PUBG Mobile is celebrating a new in-game event called the ‘Lucky Money Tree’ event where you have a chance to win some amazing awards every day.

The Lucky Money Tree event will last till May 4. Until then, players will get two chances a day to shake the tree in hopes of winning big prizes.

Each day during the event period, PUBG Mobile will distribute three physical gifts, including one iPhone 11 Pro and two Apple Airpods. The gifts will be shipped directly to the winners’ address.

Players will see the Lucky Money Tree event popup as soon as they launch the game. They will get the day’s first chance to shake the Lucky Money Tree just by logging into the game. However, to get the second chance for the day, PUBG players will have to complete a mission.

How to Win An iPhone 11 Pro & Airpods:

Players should see a splash screen like the one above when you log into the game.

Players can tap on this to head to the event. If you don’t see the splash screen, just tap on the ‘Gift box’ icon in the lobby, and then tap on ‘Lucky Money Tree’ under the ‘Recommended’ tab.

Every day, for the duration of the event, you will be able to try your luck a maximum of two times.

You will get one chance for just logging into the game, and another if you play a Classic match.

You can then shake the tree and see which reward falls off. For the most part, you will get limited in-game items such as ‘Chemical Hazard Set’, ‘SCAR-L Sand Dune finish’ etc

By shaking the tree eight times in four days, players will get a unique in-game skin. So, to get the skin, players will have to shake the tree two times a day in a row.

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