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PUBG Mobile: Here’s how you can get free items from Tactical Drill Event



PUBG Mobile: Here's how you can get free items from Tactical Drill Event

PUBG players always try getting new skins, costumes, and emotes. And most of these items buy using UC, however, many players do not want to spend money on purchasing a game currency.

Redeem codes and in-game events allow the players can get items for free. But, those items can be available for a limited time duration.

In Tactical Drill event, Players can get a permanent item in the game. Tactical Drill event has been added to the PUBG mobile. players can select one item from three items.

After selecting, players will be able to use item till the event end.

How to get free items from Tactical Drill Event

Firstly, Players will have to complete daily and weekly task to earn Tactical Points.

Tactical Points will help you to select and keep the items till the event.

You can discard the items after 72 hours (Tactical Point will reduce to zero).

The requirement of Tactical Point is differ:

Rookie Pirate Set – 100 Tactical Points
Neon Pink (Blue) UMP45- 120 Tactical Points
Bowknot Parachute- 80 Tactical Points

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