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PUBG Mobile Tricks: How to get free Character Voucher



PUBG Mobile Tricks: How to get free Character Voucher

How to get free Character Voucher: PUBG Mobile is one of the free-to-play battle royale games and more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store.

In PUBG Mobile, there are four major characters in the game- Sara, Viktor, Carlo and Andy. All of these characters have various special abilities that impact the matches in some form.

Character vouchers are a unique currency in the game which enables players to unlock them via in-game events or some other ways. These vouchers can be spent to unlock characters in the game.

How to get Free Character vouchers in PUBG Mobile:

Open PUBG Mobile and come to the home screen. You should see an Andy poster in your ‘news’ tab. Click on it.
The story and video introduction of the new character will start rolling.
Do not skip it and watch till the very end.
After watching the whole introduction clip, you will land on this page where you can claim the following rewards:
Classic Crate Coupon Scrap (01)
Character Shard (05)
Character Vouchers (60)

You can get your free Character vouchers here.
These vouchers can help you get the characters for free if you have enough of them.

PUBG Mobile Carlo character is a new Game Character. Now this Character is used by so many users. Here is how to get PUBG Free Carlo Character Voucher.

Open PUBG MObile
Tab on the Events Section
Click on Limited Time
There will get Carlo Voucher option
Click share button
Tab to save it in your phone
You will have successfully collect the character Voucher Coupon worth of 100 UC

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