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PUBG Mobile Version 1.8 Update: Spiderman New Aftermath Map, Basic Settings, and More



PUBG Mobile Version 1.8 Update Spiderman New Aftermath Map, Basic Settings, and More

PUBG Mobile Version 1.8 Update: PUBG Mobile has been released Spiderman to Erangel with a new Spider-Man: No Way Home gameplay mode.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 update brings the web-slinging Spider-Man to Erangel until Feb 14, 2022. The update is billed as Aftermath and the whole Livcik map has been destroyed by a massive volcano.

The map also features a number of unique gameplay changes. All firearms will have an AC Core Module and new scope as standard, enhancing accuracy and handling while also giving players more information about the battlefield aiming down sights, such as distance to the target and the damage caused.

Aftermath is also populated with a number of zip lines, which players can use to help move quickly across the map.

PUBG Mobile Version 1.8 Update Features:

There are tons of new features are available in the latest update and listed below are just some of them.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update Spider Web-Shooter Locations

  • A Limited-time Spider-Man: No Way Home Gameplay Mode
  • New Permanent Map – Aftermath
  • The Groundbreaking Collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects – New and Improved Matchmaking and Ranked Modes
  • An overhaul of Royale Pass Month and Seasons
  • Dramatic updates to security
  • New gameplay changes and optimizations

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update Patch Notes (Basic Mechanics Improvements):

The developer added a feature that allows players to continue swimming in a near-death state. But their swimming speed will be reduced.

Added the Hit Marker feature: After this is enabled, whenever a player or a teammate hits an enemy. A marker is automatically generated where they are hit.

A map marker feature that can be used during the jump phase. After Enable, tapping the map during the jump phase will place a mark there directly and make a pillar of light appear at the location.

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Added an auto-jump feature. After this is enabled, players will automatically jump in the direction of a marker that has been placed on the map.

Challenge the Boss: Find Mylta Power and fight alongside Spider-Man!

Web Shooter: Players will be able to shoot spider webs after getting the Web Shooter. Spider webs slow down players they hit.

Spiderweb Ball: During Spiderweb Ball is thrown at the ground, it releases many spiderwebs in an area that slows the movement of other players moving through it.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update Basic setting spider-Man:

In the new map Aftermath, Livik has been transformed after a volcanic eruption has bombarded the map. Players must now battle in the ‘Aftermath’ of this natural disaster.

In addition to existing rock formations becoming fragmented, houses and terrain have been destroyed and demolished.

Aftermath is a much faster-paced map than the original Livik, with sparse cover producing more frequent battles. Drop into this new map for a thrilling battle royale experience!

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