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PUBG Update: You can now parkour in PUBG



PUBG Update: You can now parkour in PUBG


PUBG Developers has been continuously adding new things and balancing out the older things. Recently updated that changed how its oldest map Erangel looked and felt. Following that there has been another update that introduce a new vehicle called the BRDM-2 and the legendary handgun Desert or Deagale in the game.

This new update 30 also saw the addition of a new feature called ledge which enables parkour in PUBG. Parkour is limited in PUBG, as players could run, jump and climb separately.

Another climbing feature in PUBG, New ledge grab feature. When PUBG launched players could not climb up as well. Developers of PUBG added the climb up feature to the game last year. That feature allowed players to cross walls and climb up from windows as well.

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In a recent post, in a video in which executive producer and head of the development TS Jang explained the future state of the game like new Erangel map, New Movement mechanics and much more.

in grab feature builds up on that, and players can grab ledges while in the air, For example when a player jumps from on building to the other, they can grab the edge of the roof and climb up. This is same as a new feature in parkour.

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The new update still live in the test server and will be added to the main server soon.


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