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Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Download Rainbow Six Extraction and Play on Game Pass for Free?



Rainbow Six Extraction How to Download Rainbow Six Extraction and Play on Game Pass for Free

Rainbow Six Extraction: Ubisoft has been released a much-awaited game -Rainbow Six Extraction. The AAA title is priced at Rs 1,999 on the Epic Game Store, however for the first time has also been made available for free on Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service from Day 1.

The gameplay will feel familiar to Rainbow Six Siege veterans, although the new enemies will still send a shiver up your spine.

Extraction is available on almost every major platform, giving players several ways to enjoy the game.

The game is also available on the Xbox Game Pass, meaning players with a subscription can enjoy the title without paying the full cost upfront.

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Playing Extraction through Game Pass can be tricky depending on the platform, but the steps are easy once you know what you’re doing.

How to Download Rainbow Six Extraction via Game Pass?

You need the Game Pass application along with a Ubisoft account and the Ubisoft Connect PC application.

Players need to agree to the terms and policies

Go to the official website of Ubisoft

Need to login in to their Microsoft account

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Players accept the message they can then go ahead and download/install Ubisoft Connect

Players can then click on the Games tab and search for the game using the search tool or just scroll down and find its cover.

Now, click on the game and then hit the Download button.

For now, download Ubisoft Connect, find Rainbow Six Extraction in the My Games section, and install it.

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