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Street Fighter 6 Brings Newcomer Kimberly & Returning Fighter Juri



Street Fighter 6 Brings Newcomer Kimberly & Returning Fighter Juri

Street Fighter 6 Brings Newcomer Kimberly & Returning Fighter Juri: After successfully completing the Street Fighter 5 tournament at Evo 2022, a new trailer for the next game Street Fighter 6 unveiled two more characters named- Fighter Juri & newcomer Kimberly.

The newest addition is Kimberly, a female student of the Bushunyu style made famous b Guy in Final Fight. She was originally teased at the end of the first SF6 gameplay trailer that debuted during the June 2022 PlayStation State of Play, and she shares a lot of similarities in her fighting style with Guy, who last appeared in Street Fighter IV.

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According to Nakayama, Kimberly’s arsenal of techniques make use of her high physical strength and allows her to open up to opponents in various ways.

Being a spunky new ninja, Kimberly incorporates an urban twist to reimagine what Bushinryu means to her.

She uses Genius at Play to stock up on a spray can, which can then be thrown to the ground as a Shuriken Bomb.

During Hidden Variable, Kimberly conceals herself in colorful smoke before instantly appearing in front of an opponent for a surprise attack.

Finally, she has the trademark ninja Sprint, which can be followed up with kick options or Arc Step where Kimberly launches herself off from the opponent.

The other confirmed character is Juri, who debuted in Super Street Fighter IV and has now appeared in every SF game since.

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The Tae Kwon Do master retains a lot of her fast kick attacks, though her motives in the game’s story are unclear now that her main rival, M. Bison, has been defeated.

Takayuki Nakayama: For Juri, this costume retains the image from her Super Street Fighter IV one, but has been rearranged to fit the Street Fighter 6 aesthetic. There is also a change in the hairstyle, which I think gives it extra personality.

The new Street Fighter 6 trailer debuted just after the Evo 2022 Street Fighter V Grand Finals, which was won by Japanese player Masaki “Kawano“ Kawano.

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The weekend-long event features competition and announcements across multiple fighting games, including The King of Fighters XV, Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7, and more.

Finally, Juri’s Shiku-sen, a flying dive kick, returns from Super Street Fighter IV, which can be followed up with a series of flashy airborne kicks. This opens up more creative options for Juri’s playstyle and can catch an opponent off guard.


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