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Top 5 Most Powerful Active Skills in Free Fire MAX 2022



Top 5 Most Powerful Active Skills In Free Fire MAX 2022

Top 5 Most Powerful Active Skills in Free Fire MAX 2022: When it comes to powerful characters in Free Fire MAX, those with active abilities are usually the strongest.

Although their abilities cannot be used passively, they more than makeup for it with their utility.

Skyler’s Riptide Rhythm:

With Chrono getting reworked, Skyler has claimed his place to become the most META character in Free Fire at the moment. By activating his skill, players can destroy or damage up to 5 gloo walls in the area, while gaining some HP regeneration in the process.

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As gloo walls are one of the most important tools in the endgame, being able to heavily damage or destroy them would give you and your team a huge advantage. The best part of this skill is that its cooldown is fairly short – you can fire it off at any time you want.

Dimitri’s Healing Heartbeat:

This is one of the most unique skills ever added to Free Fire. It creates a healing aura similar to Alok but slightly weaker. All players inside the area can self recover to get up if they are knocked down.

At max level, the duration of the skill increases to 15 seconds, which is a 45HP heal, and its cooldown also gets reduced to 60 seconds. Overall, this is one of the best support abilities that can form an effective Dimitri combo with many Free Fire characters. You can just active your skill, run near teammates for them to self-revive while engaging in combat at the same time. This is the most unique healing skill in Free Fire.

Alok’s Drop the Beat:

Alok has remained one of the staple characters in Free Fire ever since his release. When activated, Drop the beat would create an aura of healing and movement speed that affect all teammates in the radius. This allows you to move around faster and flank enemies much easier.

While the speed and healing bonus do not give you as much advantage offensively as Skyler, the bonus healing allows you to save medkits until they are actually needed.

Wukong’s Camouflage:

Ever since Wukong’s ability was buffed to have a refreshable cooldown upon kills, the character has become super popular amongst Free Fire rushers. By activating the skill, players can set a trap for enemies, slowly flanking their positions while undercover‚Ķ etc.

Xayne’s Xtreme Encounter:

Xayne’s Extreme Encounter is the highest instant heal in Free Fire. You can come back from a hard situation with just one button – it also provides bonus damage to gloo walls and Chrono’s shields. However, the weakness of Xayne’s ability is that the effect is temporary – you will lose the extra HP after the effect expires. It is best to end the fight fast and retreat to heal.

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