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Top 7 Rarest Emotes in 2022 Free Fire



Top 7 Rarest Emotes in 2022 Free Fire

Top 7 Rarest Emotes in 2022 Free Fire: Free Fire is one of the most popular and downloaded titles in the Battle Royale category across leading app stores.

Emotes are an awesome way to interact with teammates and have enjoyable gaming moments.

It offers players a lot of different ways to have fun and express themselves. With a huge collection of emotes, Free Fire players can create a lot of funny moments.

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Free Fire developers release many new emotes each month with cool-looking animations.

Free Fire rare emotes to collect in 2022


Bhangra is a great emote that players can add to their Free Fire inventories. The emote shows some aesthetic bhangra dance moves and is loved by lots of players. Players can equip the emote from the shop section for 399 diamonds.

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Obliteration is an exclusive emote released during the Free Fire x One Punch Man collaboration. It is one of the grand prizes in the Emote Party event, which players can only obtain through spinning using Diamonds.


Doggie is another rare emote in Free Fire that players often used to celebrate their victory. When using the emote, a Shiba will appear and start dancing with the character. The Shiba trying to match the dance move of the character makes this a super cute and rare emote.

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Kongfu emote imitates the moves of a Kung-Fu user in Free Fire. The emote looks very cool when the character shows quick kung-fu moves with his hands. It is priced at 399 diamonds in the store.

Flowers Of Love:

Flowers of Love is an emote released during the Valentine’s Day event in 2019. When you use the emote, your character will kneel down and take out a flower. The unique love gesture makes this emote one of the most sought-after emotes in Free Fire. This emote is currently available in the Valentine Wish event at the moment.

Moon Flip:

Moon Flip is one of the rarest emotes in Free Fire. The emote can be equipped from the store for 399 diamonds. Upon using the emote, the character shows an amazing backflip.

FFWC Throne:

The FFWC Throne emote was introduced during the Free Fire World Cup series of 2019. When using the emote, it will summon a royal golden throne and your character will sit down on the throne with a badass pose.


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