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Honda introduces Honda CB350 to challenge Royal Enfield in India



Honda introduces Honda CB350 to challenge Royal Enfield in India

Honda finally revealed the much-awaited rival to Royal Enfield in India. The new H’ness is inspired by Honda CB motorcycle of the 1960s that were distinguishable with their round headlight, round rearview mirrors, chrome fenders & accents, and comfortable riding stance.

Honda H’ness CB350 has been launched at a price of Rs 1.9 lakh (ex-showroom). There aren’t significant differences in length, width, and height of CB350, Meteor, Classic 350 and Jawa.

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In terms of wheelbase that can influence stability, Honda CB350 leads the pack with 1441 mm. On the negative side, a longer wheelbase can adversely impact a motorcycle’s maneuverability.

While CB350 is powered by a 348 cc motor, CB350 is second with a power output of 21 bhp. In terms of torque, CB350 takes the lead with 30 Nm at 3000 rpm.

This is followed by Classic 350, Jawa and Meteor at 28 Nm, 27.05 Nm, and 27 Nm, respectively. Talking about transmission, all except Jawa have 5-speed transmission. Jawa is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox.

Meteor and Classic 350 are the most affordable motorcycles in this group, available at a starting price of Rs 1.68 lakh and Rs 1.69 lakh, respectively.

Next is Jawa, which is available at Rs 1.83 lakh. The new Honda CB350 is the costliest at Rs 1.9 lakh.

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