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How to winning a chicken Dinner on PUBG Mobile: All You need to know



How to winning a chicken Dinner on PUBG Mobile: All You need to know

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the popular Battle Royale games right now. It involves 100 players in a match who drop in one of the three maps Erangel, Miramar or Sanhok.

The main objective of the Game is to be the last man or team standing. Users can play in either solo, duo or squads of three players.

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PUBG involves lots of stuff like gunfights, vehicle, movement and spotting people. To win a match, users understand the maps, weapons vehicle etc.

Here is the tips for winning a chicken Dinner on PUBG Mobile:

Activate the lean control

In PUBG Mobile, PC and XBox one learning to the left or right is a big part of the game. by default PUBG Mobile buttons to lean are turned off, so to enable learning you have to go into the options and turn them on.

Remember about Smokes and grenades

PUBG Mobile user interface mean that your pan and all your grenades are lumped together into one very small button to the right of your health bar. it will make it very easy to forget they exist, if it has selected your pan as default.

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Smoke provide decent enough cover that you can reposition or disengage from long distance fights, while frags will push players out of cover.

Using Flash hiders

Users can find the enemies through the flash of their weapon, which on mobile is quite noticeable. so removing that with a flash hider is big deal.

Get understand the Maps:

First map of PUBG is Erangel map and It is still the official map for the tournaments. Erangel is a grassland map, that has woods, urban areas and sea all around.

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Miramar is the second map to hit the PUBG Server, which is central or south Ameria based map. It is city centric map that is set on desert terrain and rural areas. Miramar map is 8** km in size which is the same as the Erangel.


The map is a launch Asian rainforest map based on the island in Thailand and Philippines. A close quarters combat map that means , there are very few places to snipe enemies from a long distant. IN Sanhok, amount of guns are more than the other map.


The map covered in snow and has lot of building complexes to loot and fight at. The snow records footprints and has rocks and trees for cover. it is a 6*6 kms size map.

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Get understand the Weapons:

Assault Rifles:

It is very stable guns with a decent range, distance, damage and rate of fire. Assault Rifle in PUBG comes with different variant based on the real guns from AKM M416. rifles that use 5.56mm or 7.63mm ammo.


Shootguns have high damage, low rate of fire and low range which means these are again not viable options for late game. its comes with options to mod that contained magazine mods, bullet loops, muzzle mod and scopes and sights.

Pistols and Submachine guns:

Piston and Submachine Guns have low damage, low range, piston have low rate of fire while the SMGs have high rate of fire. pistol and SMG some with option to mod that include magazine mods, grips, muzzle mods and scopes and sights

DMRs and Sniper Rifles:

Designated Marksman Rifles(DMR) and Sniper rifles are long rage Rifles in PUBG, and all bolt action while DMR are mostly semi auto. These weapons are long range, high damage, but very low rate. This will make long distance engagement

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