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AltStore can now Install on iPhone, No Jailbreak required: Here’s how to install



AltStore can now Install on iPhone, No Jailbreak required: Here's how to install

iOS app developer Riley Testut has released a new App Store alternative called AltStore that could shake up the iOS ecosystem.

Apple has never allowed unapproved apps on iPhone or iPad. But developers started developing jailbreak techniques to install them shortly after the first iPhone launched.

AltStore uses a different method to install outside apps on iDevices, one that Testut believes will be much harder for Apple the thwart.

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AltStore works by fooling the device into believing that you’re a developer sideloading test apps. It uses an app on your Mac or Windows PC to re-sign apps every seven days, using the iTunes WiFi syncing framework to reinstall them on your device before they expire.

You only need a free Apple ID to install apps that Apple would never allow, such as Testur’s Delta emulator for Nintendo consoles, Engadget Reported.

How to install AltStore on Your iPhone or iPad

Download AltServer on you PC and open it

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC over USB.

Select AltServer icon and then proceed to select your iPhone or iPad

A prompted to enter your Apple ID credentials

You can browse all the apps and games available on the store from here.

Via: iPhoneHacks

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