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Google’s auto-delete feature: Here’s how to auto-delete YouTube history



Google's auto-delete feature: Here's how to auto-delete YouTube history

Google’s YouTube is letting users set their accounts to automatically clear the list of videos they’ve watched and search for after preset time period.

As part of several new privacy and security feature, Google has announced. Auto-delete feature option would be expanding over YouTube, It will work like auto-delete for location History and browsing.

The feature can delete YouTube history automatically after a period of three months or 18th months. Incognito mode disables history altogether, however auto-deleting history. It’s a good compromise to ensure you can still get personalized results.

According to YouTube, User can disable YouTube history by pausing it, may limit or disable more personalized experiences across Google services.

How to auto-delete YouTube history

Visit to the Activity controls for your YouTube history. Find Data & personalizations tab and click on it- “YouTube history” > “Manage activity”.

There will two boxes, Right-hand box helps you to determine if and when your history of YouTube viewing and searching will be deleted. Tap just below that on the link that reads Choose to delete automatically.

Now select to have Google delete YouTube history after three months or after 18 months.

Confirm your preference. Google will tell you at this point if you have anything that will be deleted immediately.

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