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How to Download YouTube Videos on Jio Phone



How to Download YouTube Videos on Jio Phone

Jio Phone is now support for popular video streaming app YouTube. The Jio Phone comes with the KaiOS, which allows plenty of apps to run, despite being a feature phone.

It comes with a pre-built app store from where users can download apps and games designed for the handset.

The device comes with a YouTube app that allows users to watch their favorite content but a times, you need to save some of the videos to watch later or when the internet is not available.

Before downloading the YouTube app, ensure that the Jio Phone is running the latest KaiOS 2.5 version.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Jio Phone

Open JioStore, find the YouTube app in the listing.

Download the latest version of YouTube app.

Open the YouTube app, and search for the video you wish to download.

Click on the search button, This will be selects the URL of the Video

To download, need to change the URL of the video on your Jio Phone to include ‘ss’ before the YouTube URL.

Scroll down, select the quality and select the download button.

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