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How to Play Ludo King Online or Offline With Friends



How to Play Ludo King Online or Offline With Friends

Ludo is one of the most well-known board games in India, a digital version of the game, is one of the fast-growing and highly popular multiplayer games in India, giving PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty a run for their money in terms of fan following.

In the current scenario, as we practice social distancing and see lockdowns around the world, the game has only become more popular, as a way of passing time while staying connected to friends and family.

Ludo King is available on both Android and Apple phones, and it is very easy to start playing. The graphics are not that great and sometimes the dice really feels rigged, but it still is a lot of fun to play.

How to play Ludo King with Friends online

Go to Google Play on your android phone and download Ludo King.

You can choose to connect your Facebook account, but that is not needed to play with friends. After choosing the guest option, go ahead to complete the setup.

You can start a game of Ludo with your friends or you can tap the icon next to Settings and even play Snakes and Ladders.

Start by tapping Play with Friends, first choose your colour. Below it, you’ll see two options Create and Join.

In case you want to join a friend’s room instead, simply tap Join room followed by entering the private code and you’ll join the game.

You’ll now get a code which you’ll need to share with your friends so that they can join in. You can send this code via WhatsApp, SMS, email, or any other app of your choice.

Tap Play to start the game, tap on the dice to play your turn. The game also allows you to chat with your friends

How to play Ludo King with friends offline:

On the game’s main menu, tap Pass N Play.

Select if all players want to play as individuals or you want to create teams of two players each.

Add names for various players and choose which colour each player wants, and then tap Play. This will start a local multiplayer game with your friends who are in the same room.

Do note that you will be playing the game on your device, so be sure to disable notifications and other alerts to avoid distractions for everyone.

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