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PUBG Mobile Tips: How to level up your character quickly



PUBG Mobile Tips: How to level up your character quickly

In a PUBG mobile, you will always want to stay in the game. And when it comes to competitive Battle Royale games like PUBG mobile, it is very important that the players learn quickly.

Maximising experience is the quickest way to level up, but there are a couple of tricks for how to do this.

If you want to know you can fast track the process by following tips will come handy for you.

How to level up your character faster in easy ways:

Phone Support: make sure that your phone has a good processor, a decent internet connection, and a big screen, All these will make it easier for you to spot enemies and kill them.

Headshots: When you are attempting to kill enemies, always go for the headshot. This way, you can ensure a quick kill and get maximum damage for the same.

Stay to a particular mode: you have to make sure that you stick to one mode in the game. The best one is the Classic mode, as you can gain a lot of experience regarding various gaming strategies.

Kills: Since experienced players always aim for famous looting spots in a particular map, you can choose to land in a less popular place and aim to kill bots and noobs.

Survival Time: Watch the circle so you’re not caught out and only take on other players when absolutely necessary. This is a survival game, not a killing game.

Do not be aggressive: the main problem pushing for kills may not be a good option as it simultaneously increases your chance of dying quickly.

Complete Missions: Try to complete the daily missions and royale pass missions and game events, this will allow you to climb up the ladder quickly.

Health Restored: Make sure to share your heals with the rest of your team to keep your squad at full strength because you still need to make it into the top ten and hopefully grab that Chicken Dinner.

EarPhones: Make sure to use earphones while your playing game, as it is crucial for you to hear the footsteps of the approaching enemy.

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