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Huawei confirm plans for gaming smartphone launched in 2019



Huawei made waves in the gaming smartphone market this year with the launch of its first ever triple rear camera-laden Huawei P20 Pro smartphone. After launch of the Honor Play by Huawei’s sub brand, the chinese company may be on track to launch gaming phone this year under the main Huawei brand.


Huawei confirm plans for gaming smartphone launched in 2019

                      Huawei confirm plans for gaming smartphone launched in 2019


President of Huawei Jim Xu said in an Interview, Huawei will be launching gaming phone this year and foldable Smartphone as well. User are focused on the gaming phone ad more people rely on their smartphone to play games over dedicated devices such as gaming PCs or console.


Chinese tech firm is going to planning to published two new smartphone categories gaming and Foldable, this handset will be arriving in the second half of this year , reports Gadget Match website citing Huawei consumer Business President, Jim Xu.


Huawei already unveiled its new GPU Turbo technology that is capable of boosting performance significantly on a variety of smartphone when gaming. However according to th Jim Xu , Company already working on a dedicated gaming phone that will better take advantage of the software and should arrive by the end if the year.


GPU Turbo will be benefits mobile games that demand high graphics processing efficiency , according to Honor and Honor Pay will be the first phone to get it out of the box. Along with this one can count on the upcoming Huawei’s Gaming smartphone to come back with highly effective set of specs and even some equipment.


President Jim Xu said in the interview, Foldable smartphone in the works , stating that 2019 will the company launch its big innovation. Samsung company also has foldable smartphone in the works. And will launch in 2019.



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