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Instagram Gives users More Control Over Data Shared with Third-Party App



Instagram Gives users More Control Over Data Shared with Third-Party App

Facebook-owned Instagram on Tuesday announced a new feature that gives users more control over the data they share with third-party apps. Users can control the personal information they share with Third Parties through the app. And it will be rolling out gradually over the next six months.

The company revealed that this is introducing new in-app features to help you better control the data shared with third-parties through Instagram. When Instagram users grant access to third-party apps they may also be sharing information other than photos, such as information contained in the users’ profile.

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A user can navigate to Setting > Security > Apps and websites to see which third-party service has access to their data. The update provides options like removing a third-party service and an updated authorization screen feature. The blog also explained the users on how to manage the connections to third party services.

When connecting with a third-party service for the first time. A new authorization screen will be displayed that lists all information being requested by the third-party. Users can then pick and choose how much information they wish to share.

This comes as an important security feature for those who need to remove third-party access to data like profile information, your username, account type, captions, and photos.

If a user needs to ensure the data requested from third parties. They can utilize the newly updated authorization screen introduction by Instagram. It will list all the information the third party is requesting to access.

The company said It is essential that we protect the data people share with us. We also want to give people more control over data they share with other apps and services.

Instagram has also rolled out a new mode called Restrict globally that would let users stop people who bully them via offensive posts or abusive comments

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