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Instagram Music now available in India: Here’s How It Works



Instagram Music now available in India: Here's How It Works

Instagram Music is now available for users in India. The company has launched Music in Stories for select markets back in March 2018. Users can finally add music stickers to your Instagram Stories and share them.

However, Instagram has been added music feature to users’ story back in June 2019 but restricted to a select few countries. The feature will be available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

One Instagram app is updated to the latest version, open Stories and tap on the Sticker tab. Here you will find the music feature. The Instagram Music feature is divided into three sections- popular, moods and genres.

In the Popular list, Pachtaoge, Baby Shark, Bad guy, and Old Town Road are listed. Users can browse songs based on moods like romantic, fun, upbeat and dreamy.

A genre like Hindi, Punjabi, Rock, Hip Hop are also available, Users can also search for the song and select from the search results.

Instagram music also comes with the lyrics feature which was rolled out last year in June. Along with the music track, users can add lyrics to the stories as well.

How to user Instagram Music in stories

Open Instagram and swipe left from the feed to open the camera UI. Users can choose either pick the Music camera mode or click a picture and overlay a Music sticker or lyrics.

Users will first be prompted to pick a song, followed by video effects such as Glitch, Pulse, Vintage VCR, and Glow.

Snap a picture or record a video to see the Music sticker appear over your Instagram Story. Users can capture a photo or record a video, swipe up from the bottom and select music sticker option.

Users can tap the Music sticker to play a 1-minute section of the track, see the artist’s profile, and add stickers to your story.

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