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PUBG Mobile India Series 2019, You can win upto Rs 30 lakhs



PUBG Mobile India Series 2019, You can win upto Rs 30 lakhs

Tencent Games celebrated 200 million downloads of PUBG MOBILE by coming with the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship held in Oct 2018.

With a prize of Rs 1 Crore, PUBG Mobile has kicked off one of its biggest tournament in India. PUBG Mobile India Series 2019, The tournament will bring together all PUBG Mobile squads and choose the best out of them.

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Event will be sponsored by OPPO and the highest prize amount of sum of Rs 30 lakhs. There is no registration fee involved so everyone can participate till they are over Level 20. The registration for the tournament has begun and will go on till January 23 followed by two qualifier rounds and a Grand Finale.

Game Participation & Qualifier Round:

If you have good skill to earn a good deal of money, then you can register your PUBG squad.  Match has begun from starting from Jan 10 and last date will be 23 Jan 2019. There is no limit on the number of teams registering, The post registration. Players will need to battle it out against all other squads.

The qualifies will be start from Jan 21 and the last date will be 28 Jan with no limits on numbers of teams participating.

Only 2,000 teams will make it to the online playoff, held from Feb 9 to 24 Feb. The winner from this round will boil down to a small number of just 20. The groups will then play with each other as a knockout match. The top 4 squads from every group will head into the next round.

2nd Round: 2nd Round of Playoff will be held form Feb 16 to Feb 19, Top 400 squads. That survived Round 1 will be divided into 20 slots with 20 squads per slot.

These players will play for position and the top 4 squads will move into the third round.

3rd Round: 3rd round will be held from 21st Feb to 24th Feb, Round will feature 80 squads into 4 groups of 20 squads each. That will go head to head and the top 5 squads will make to the grand finale.

Grand Finals: The Grand Final will be held in March and will feature the top 20 teams. That will play one last round for the biggest chicken dinner ever.

PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 Cash Prize:

The competition will will pan out the First person and third person perspective modes to accommodate a comprehensive experience for different gamers. The Winner will be filtered down on the basis of pre-determined metrics.

First Rank person will be get Rs 30 lakh, Second person will be get Rs 10 lakh and Third place will get only Rs 5 lakh.

There are couple of individual awards and title as well. That will be awarded to players based on a specific skill test, Each of these awards also has a cash prize Rs 50,000.

  • The Exterminators: Awarded to the team with maximum kills
  • Healer: Awarded to A team with highest number of revives
  • Redeemer: Players with highest amount of health restored
  • The Lone Ranger: Player with max survival time
  • Rampage Freak: Player for the maximum number of kills in one game