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Reliance Jio and Airtel Now bring Vo-Wifi, Now you can make a call using Wi-fi



Reliance Jio and Airtel Now bring Vo-Wifi, Now you can make a call using Wi-fi

Reliance Jio and Airtel networks provide Vo-Wifi, Users make calls when a phone is connected to Wi-fi. The feature is not yet available in the entire network and is still rolling out to compatible phones and areas — Vo-WiFi that is short for Voice over WiFi.

The main aim at helping Jio and Airtel decongest their networks and help users experience crisp calls even when the signal strength is low.

Vo-WiFi automatically allows the phone to switch between cellular connectivity and WiFi during calls. ET reported, Airtel’s VoWiFi has crossed one million users, with a month of its launch.

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How to use Vo-Wifi

First, it supports for the Vo-WiFi is automatic.

Users need a compatible phone and a reliable WiFi network

There is no condition as far as WiFi network.

Both Airtel and Jio are working with top phone companies, including OnePlus, Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple, to enable support for VoWiFi in the phones they make.

If users don’t get the option for Vo-Wifi in settings, you may need to update the software in your phone.

Before enabling the feature in phone settings, users may need to enable VoLTE on their Airtel and Jio SIM profiles.

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Via: Indiatoday

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