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Reliance Jio announced Jio Glass mixed-reality glasses



Reliance Jio announced Jio Glass mixed-reality glasses

The company announced one of the unique ones was the Jio Glass mixed-reality spectacles.

The Jio Glass is able to merge real and virtual elements together to create entirely new environments and visuals.

There is a high-resolution display fit into the glasses themselves that let the user experience this.

With the blending of both worlds, the Jio Glass will be able to seamlessly integrate digital elements with the geography around them and with real-world physics into play.

The Jio Glass MR glasses also feature a personalized audio system that supports all standard audio formats.

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It also produces audio straight from the glasses, hence eliminating the need for extra attachments for sound.

This opens the doors for users to holographic video calls, along with interactive 3D avatars.

Jio Glass can be used for 3D virtual classrooms, where the classes can be conducted via the Jio mixed-reality Cloud.

The glasses can be easily linked to the cloud by a cable that attaches it to a smartphone. The Jio Glass itself weighs 75 grams.

The company announced the Jio TV Plus, Jio Mart, Jio Meet and more as well.

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