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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2: Leak suggests better battery life is on the way



Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2: Leak suggests better battery life is on the way

The company is working on Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 to improve the battery life and price.

The previous Galaxy Chromebook was an attractively designed 2-in-1 that nonetheless faltered due to its battery life and high $999 price tag.

The most important change is that battery life. The slides shared by leaker WalkingCat say Samsung is targeting 12-plus hours of battery life on this new model.

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That’s a lot more than the measly 4 hours and 20 minutes (and the 8 hours Samsung promised) we observed in our review of this year’s model.

Samsung, previously used 4K AMOLED in Chromebook, but, in Galaxy Chromebook 2 comes with QLED ot quantom do LED.

The Galaxy Chromebook 2 is supposedly switching to a 10th-gen Core i3. It isn’t necessarily a step down for browser-based work in Chrome OS, but it is interesting considering

The original Galaxy Chromebook was pitched as something “premium” for “professionals,”. At least from the renders we’ve seen, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 is maintaining that sleek design.

The Galaxy Chromebook 2’s cheaper price puts it closer to actual high-end Chromebooks than to proper laptops from Apple and others.

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CES 2021 is right around the corner, and with it comes the possibility of some clarity on Samsung’s Chromebook roadmap for next year and beyond.

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