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Samsung Pay Cash Virtual Prepaid Card launched: Here’s how it works



Samsung Pay Cash Virtual Prepaid Card launched: Here's how it works

Samsung Pay Cash is a new Samsung device feature that allows you to create a virtual debit card that’s stored in the Samsung Pay app. Samsung has partnered with Mastercard and Netspend to launch a virtual prepaid card dubbed as Pay Cash.

The new Samsung Pay app feature is available inside the Samsung Pay app and focuses on budget management and payments. With Pay Cash, users can add funds to the card. And then users can make purchases both online and in stores, without exposing the card number. The service is protected by Samsung Knox and Mastercard token services.

The Pay Cash feature also helps users to plan their expenses. User needs to top up their Pay Cash by using a debit card, credit card, or bank transfer and use it when required.

The Pay Cash balance does not expire and there is no fee for being inactive. Also, if you shop using Pay Samsung Pay Cash, You will get reward points that can be redeemed for Samsung products.

The company said that, For a limited time, when you complete your registration for Pay Cash, Company will provide you a $5.00 credit in the Pay Cash account.

Samsung Pay Cash is supported by any Samsung device that can run the Samsung Pay App.

Samsung Pay is a feature where payment instruments such as credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, and even UPI identifies can be digitally stored. Customers can make contactless card payments using magnetic secure transmission technology, which mimics the card swipe on any point of sale terminal.

Via: TimesOfIndia

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