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iPhone 14 Problems- Freezing Up, Camera Rattling and Shaking, iOS 16 battery drain issue, iMessage and FaceTime issues



iPhone 14 Problems- Freezing Up, Camera Rattling and Shaking, iOS 16 battery drain issue, iMessage and FaceTime issues

iPhone 14 Problems: Recently, Apple Inc released Apple iPhone 14 series in the markets globally. But it seems like the new phones are going through their share of teething troubles.

After the launch, Many users are facing various issues that are affecting their brand new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max model in particular.

Here, we list all recent bugs that seem to be plaguing the iPhone 14 Pro, if Apple has acknowledged the issue, and when we can expect them to be fixed.

‘FREEZES UP’ During Data Transfer:

Many users are reporting a bug that does not allow the phone to move past an iCloud restore or the data transfer option while transferring data from another iPhone.

The company acknowledged the issue and worked on it to resolve the problem.

iPhone 14 Camera Rattling and Shaking problem:

The iPhone 14 Pro upgraded to a 48MP camera this year. But it seems like the high res camera is not yet suited to work on certain social media apps. Some users have taken to social media to report the iPhone camera to be “rattling” and “shaking” on apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has tweeted (opens in new tab) that Apple has confirmed that it has identified a fix for the issue and that a software update will be released next week.

iPhone 14 iMessage and FaceTime issues:

Apple has pointed out this pretty serious issue through a support document that warns users to update to the latest iOS — 16.0.1.

In the support document (opens in new tab), Apple mentions users could be facing one or more of these issues:

You can’t receive iMessages or FaceTime calls.

You see a green message bubble instead of a blue one when you send a message to another Apple device.

Conversations in Messages show up as two separate threads, instead of one.

Recipients see your messages coming from the wrong account, for example from your email address if you had selected your phone number.

iOS 16 copy-paste bug:

The issue: This problem impacts the iPhone 14 but also older iPhones running iOS 16. There have been complaints of way too many pop-up alerts when attempting to copy and paste content (opens in a new tab) from one app to another on iPhones.

iPhone 14 iOS 16 battery drain issue:

Many users have been complaining about iOS 16 draining the battery on their iPhones. This problem doesn’t seem limited to the iPhone 14 series and seems to affect iPhone XR all the way up to iPhone 13. Users have said after downloading iOS 16, their iPhone battery performance was “significantly” affected.

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