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PUBG New State Mobile Mileage System: Here is how to earn and use



New State Mobile new Mileage System How to earn and use points

PUBG New State Mobile Mileage System: Krafton has brought a new Mileage System to the New State Mobile game. After the ban of Garena Free Fire in India, New State Mobile is also being seen as an alternative to Free Fire.

Players can collect mileage points through crates.

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A New State Mobile said in a statement, “We now have a mileage System available in NEW STATE MOBILE. Starting February 19, you can collect Mileage Points through certain crates. Once you acquire a certain amount of Mileage Points, you can exchange them for special rewards.”

How to earn Mileage Points:

You can receive Mileage Points in New State by opening certain crates that are obtained using NC, Chicken Medals, or Crate Tickets.

Each of these crates offers a different type of Mileage Point. And each type of Mileage Point can be exchanged -for a specific set of rewards.

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You can earn Mileage Points by opening crates. It can be obtained from the store or through crate tickets from events.

How to Use Mileage Points:

  • To use your Mileage Points, you must accumulate a specific type of Mileage Points by opening the crate that offers the corresponding type of Mileage Points.
  • Once you’ve collected enough points to exchange for a special reward, an icon will show up in the mileage gauge bar.
  • Tap on the icon to view the rewards pop-up and claim your reward

When a crate’s sales period ends, the Mileage Points collected from that specific crate will expire and cannot be used. Make sure to use up the Mileage Points from a specific crate before the crate‘s sales period ends.


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