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WhatsApp New features added in 2018: Big updates you should know



WhatsApp New features added in 2018: Big updates you should know

WhatsApp keeps on rolling out the new features and update in order to added user experience. New introduction of plethora of interesting and useful features to dealing with the spread of fake and bogus information.

This year WhatsApp rolled featured such as Android Payments, Group Video and Voice Calling, WhatsApp Stickers, Pictures and Pictures enhance, Media Visibility, Forwarding restriction, WhatsApp information obtain, delete for everyone among other which allow you to make the most from the app.

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List of WhatsApp New features Added 2018:

WhatsApp Stickers:

Stickers have been major part of instant chat messaging app. Whatsapp was a bit of late entrant in this space. Company has been added stickers to its platform in Oct 2018, that offer handful of default stickers to the users and more can be download form the company’s stickers Store.

WhatsApp Group Video and Voice calling:

Users can add more members to an ongoing video call by tapping on the icon placed on the top right corner of the screen. Additional improved the group calling experience in Dec by means of making it more straightforward as as to add contributes to a choice. Users can add 4 other people.

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Delete for everyone:

WhatsApp delete for Everyone feature allows users to delete any message they have sent by mistake. User have to select the message they want to delete and then click on the delete icon. This feature allowed users to delete the message within 7 minutes of sending it. But now time limit increased to 68 minutes.

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WhatsApp Payment:

Payment option for Indian users, launch in the beta version back in February, the feature is still stuck in beta because of regulatory hurdles. Reserve Bank of India has not provide the approval, due to which it is still waiting for official approval from RBI.

Picture-in-Picture Support:

Picture-in-Picture feature allows users to continue watching Facebook, Instagram or YouTube video is a small window while browsing other parts of the application. Apart from the three video services mentioned, Picture-in-Picture is available for any other video sharing service.

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Group Chat:

Features including more control for admins and creators. Additionally to name, the group can now also have descriptions. And started allowing group creators to easily dismiss group admins using the Dismiss As Admin option. creator can also restrict admins form changing group icon.

Forwarding restriction and labelled forwarded messages:

WhatsApp updated with strict restriction on message forwarding. Company will remove the quick forward button from the media message. WhatsApp also showing a Forward label next of any forwarded message.

Media Visibility:

Company allows the Android users define whether they want media from certain chats or groups to appear in their media library. Feature was available for beta version 2.18.194 and removed in later version, only to reappear later.

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WhatsApp Data Download:

Whatsapp offering the users to ability to download all the data that the platform has collected on them. This data can be downloaded by going to Setting>Account>Request Account Info. Once done, You will be taken to a page where you have to click request Report.

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